Thank you from City Blossoms

Sunday, December 27, 2020 By: Khaled Sabah
City Blossoms Executive Director Tara McNerney sends the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C., her thanks for our support and an update about City Blossoms.

With 2020 wrapping up, I just wanted to take a quick second to say how grateful City Blossoms is for the Rotary Club's partnership, and your personal time and energies connecting with us. In such a difficult year, your stalwart support has been even more appreciated as every individual and organization had to recalibrate and adjust to a new normal. I'd love to share with you this two-minute video compiling the voices of our participants, staff, and board members, all sharing why City Blossoms' work - which is only made possible by partners like you - is important. Many, many thanks for helping bring gardens and healthy programming to children and youth across DC.

I feel I could end my email just at that and wish you a happy end of the year, as gratitude is the most important thing I could express! But, as always, I'm happy to also share more news from City Blossoms. Below are the highlights of what we accomplished in 2020 (as a sneak peek to our Annual Report which will be coming out next month!).
  • In 2020, City Blossoms connected with more DC high schoolers than ever before, through our virtual and socially distanced Youth Entrepreneurship Cooperative programming.
  • We successfully adjusted our weekly, Open Time programming, ensuring that children and families can continue to safely enjoy the benefits of nature.
  • We supported our partner educators through virtual workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, and mini-Garden Workdays.
  • We published over 20 free, garden-based, educational resources and guides, designed to help children engage with nearby-nature.
Additionally, we recently finalized City Blossoms' next three-year (2021-2023) Strategic Plan with the Board! I look forward to sharing with you the final formatted document in February.

Thank you again, and here's to a healthier 2021!


Tara McNerney
Executive Director
City Blossoms