New Mentor Program Begins

Thursday, March 18, 2021 By: Nancy Riker
A new mentor program - a joint initiative between the Rotaract Club of Washington, D.C. and the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C. - kicked off this year.

Last Rotary year the then Professional Development Chair of the Rotaract Club of Washington, D.C. Michelle Ramos, created a Mentor Program and reached out to me in hopes of starting a Mentor Program with the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C. I kicked off the program in January 2021 of this Rotary year.

The purpose is to strengthen the Rotary/Rotaract connection through a collaborative mentorship program, formalizing one-on-one relationships between Rotaractors and Rotarians. Acting as a friend, a teacher, and a guide to the professional world, mentors have the opportunity to encourage and advise mentees by sharing their own experiences and knowledge of their profession.

The mission of the mentorship program will focus on: attracting high-caliber individuals to Rotaract, sustaining the current interest and retention rate of current Rotaractors, helping the Rotaractors develop in their careers, creating fellowship between generations and different cultures, empowering young professionals to embrace Rotary’s values in everyday life, and easing the transition from Rotaract to Rotary Club to increase Rotary membership.

The program requires a commitment from January 2021 – June 2021 meeting once per month. Mentees detailed their areas of interest and are matched up with appropriate mentors.

A BIG thank you to Sheldon Ray, Whitney Doll, and Donnie Shaw for stepping up as mentors this Rotary year.