Meeting in Review, March 10, 2021

Thursday, March 11, 2021 By: Whitney Ashe Doll
The Rotaract Club of Washington, D.C. led this week's meeting.

Sergeant-at-Arms Bob Schott rang the opening bell at 12:30 p.m.

President Nancy Riker opened the virtual meeting and welcomed participants, guests, and visiting Rotarians.

Opening Remarks from President Nancy:
  • Thanks to our Zoom Producer Sarah Ross for managing a fun interactive program today.
  • March 4, 2020 was our last in-person Rotary meeting. What has transpired these past 12 months has been epic, enormous, and enduring. We are all anxious to return to the University Club for lunch and fellowship.
  • We celebrate World Rotaract Week and our 2 sponsored clubs: Rotaract Club of Washington, D.C. and the Rotaract Club of George Washington University. The D.C. Club is hosting today's meeting and GWU will join us in May.
  • A Special mention: The Rotary Club/D.C. Rotaract Club kicked off a 6-month Mentorship Program in January. Thank you to club members Whitney Doll, Donnie Shaw, and Sheldon Ray for each mentoring a Rotaractor.
  • BE READY - We will be playing a trivia game on "Kahoot!" a Welsch word for INTOXICATES. When directed use your phone or tablet and pull up Kahoot website ( From the Kahoot website, you all will just need to press "Play" (top right on your screen) and then Rotaract President Ta-Sha will share the game pin with you. Play or not, you will see everything on your screen.
Sergeant-at-Arms Bob announced birthdays and anniversaries for the week.

President Nancy gave a few announcements:
  • Be on the look out for March Madness Club Fellowship details.
  • Community Engagement Chair Khaled Sabah then shared about a March volunteer opportunity.
Next, we connected for Word with Friends Break Outs.

Then President Nancy welcomed the Rotaract Club of Washington, D.C. President Nancy turned over the meeting to Rotaract Advisor Marcus Soriano, who introduced participants.

Liz Moody, Rotaract Club Secretary, presented the Four Way Test.

Walker Marlott, Rotaract Club Community Service Chair, gave the inspiration.

Marcus introduced Ta-Sha Watkins, President of the Rotaract Club, who led us in the trivia game, Kahoot!

Sergeant-at-Arms Bob rang the bell to adjourn the meeting at 1:35 p.m.