VisionA prestigious club of community leaders propelling us into the next Century of “Service Above Self”.

MissionUnited leaders of action, making a difference around the world by protecting communities from preventable disease, keep women and children healthy, improve education and economic outcomes; create safe water and sanitation infrastructure.

Marilyn Nevy Cruz, Acting Chair

Membership Committee Meetings are held the second Monday of each month  5:30 – 6:30 pm

Member of the Month

If you are nominated for demonstrating one of these important Rotary traits, you will be entered into a monthly drawing for a $40 gift card! The “Member of the Month” is announced at our regular 12:30 lunch slot at the beginning of each month! Member of the Month provides an opportunity to showcase an individual who has stepped up their Rotarian duties in the four areas listed below:

  1. New member that is the fastest to graduate from the red badge to the blue badge
  2. Member that sponsors the most new club members in a given month
  3. Outstanding Leadership on a Committee during a given month
  4. Member whom volunteers the most in a given month

Coffee on Me:

The membership committee wants to thank all of you for being a member in Rotary and let you know that each month, a random member will be taken out for “coffee” – by sending them a $10 Starbucks gift card. You’ll receive a Starbucks card via email and an invitation to chat over coffee (virtually or in person – whichever you are comfortable with).

Membership Committee Members

Marilyn Nevy Cruz, PE, Acting Chair
Darren Crew
Kenneth Brown
James Corey
Lisa Cohen
Marcus Soriano
Alexander Tu
William Dent, President
Nancy Riker, Past President
Lynn Holec, Past President
Lisa McCurdy, Past President
Shaun English, Past President
Jennifer Hara, Past President

Membership Retention Subcommittee

Nancy Riker, Chair
William Dent, President
Marilyn Nevy Cruz, President Elect