Interact Update

Sunday, January 24, 2021 By: Marilyn Nevy Cruz
Richard Wright PCS Interact Club President Amora Campbell provides an update from the Interact Club.

Written by: Amora Campbell, Richard Wright PCS Interact Club President

Last year the Richard Wright Rotary Interact Club threw their first holiday party in the history of their club. On December 16th, the Interact Club joined together on a Zoom call to play a Christmas-themed Jeopardy game, listening to the Italian Christmas song ‘Dominick the Donkey’, and ending with a special New Years gift of chocolates being delivered to their door.

The party also celebrated the launch of the Haas Hall Academy Rotary Interact Club (Bentonville, AR) partnership in the Black Lives Matter T-shirt (picture attached) Fundraiser that began in the early fall of 2020. Both clubs met and discussed the idea after the murderer of Breonna Taylor wasn’t faced with criminal charges. After a few months passed, we were able to use the design made by Markee Perry, a Richard Wright student, on the t-shirt and open local online stores in our communities. This service project will donate all proceeds to ‘Destiny’s Dream Scholarship’, a Baltimore based non-profit organization that remembers the young mother, business owner, and gun violence victim Destiny Harrison, by providing a $1,000 scholarship to young cosmetology students. 

‘Destiny’s Dream Scholarship’ is a part of ‘Healing City Baltimore’, a non-profit organization created by the task force formed from the ‘Elijah Cummings Healing City Act’, to work toward educating and healing residents from trauma, violence, and racial inequity. 

This year, in order to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to help this organization continue helping their community heal and thrive, Richard Wright Rotary Interact Club would like your support in spreading the message or donating to reach the goal of a full scholarship of $1,000.

Please contact District 7620 Interact Chair, Marilyn Nevy Cruz at with any questions or if you're interested in donating.