Meeting in Review, November 3, 2021

Thursday, November 4, 2021 By: Whitney Ashe Doll
This week the Rotary Club of Washington, D.C. held a club assembly.

The Zoom meeting was opened at 12:15 PM for member fellowship.

President Bill Dent welcomed participants, guests, and visiting Rotarians.

Sergeant-at-Arms Sterling Hoffman presented the Four-Way Test and recognized birthdays and anniversaries for the week.

Cynthia Schultz presented a Member Moment.

Monica Smith presented a History Moment.

  • November 17 - Happy Hour (Mary Goldsmith)
  • Nominations Committee/Slate of Candidates 2022-2023 (Nancy Riker)
This week we have a club assembly with recognitions and updates. The agenda was as follows:

  1. Program Committee (Including Zoom Producers)
    • Chair Dick Pyle - Re suggestions for speakers (All Club members)
    • Co-chair Steve Liston - Zoom producers/A-V producers (All Club members)
  2. PR Committee - Salvador Farfan
    • Progress Newsletter (Arthur Landwehr)
    • Social media (Lisa McCurdy)
    • Website (Michael Brown)
    • YouTube channel / Speaker series (Salvador Farfan)
  1. Membership Committee - Marilyn Cruz
  • Recruiting (All Club members)
  • Orientation / Fireside Chat
  • Guides for new members (Nancy Riker)
  • Red-to-Blue Badge (Nancy Riker)
  • Outreach & Expressions (Nancy Riker)
  1. Embassy & International Relations (Steve Liston)
  2. International Service Committee (May O'Brien)
  3. Peace Working Group (Bill Dent / May O'Brien)
  1. Rotarians for Equality for Black People (Sheldon Ray)
  2. Trees for the Capital & the World (Bryan Ingram)
  3. Walter Reed Bingo (Shelly Williams)
  4. Community Service Grants (Marilyn Cruz)
  1. Dictionary Project Committee (Michelle Ems)
  2. RYLA Committee (Alexander Tu)
President Bill adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.